Why Choose Us?

  • We are a small, customer focused company that listens and attends to your individual needs.
  • We have over 41 years on hands on, personal experience in environmentally sensitive land planning and development, creating many of the most attractive communities, estates, farms, and individual environments in Western North Carolina.
  • Intimate first hand knowledge of reliable service providers in our area, developed over a lifetime of experience.
  • A lifelong outdoors enthusiast, familiar with all aspects of the recreational opportunities so abundant in our mountain paradise.
  • A Simple Rule — honesty is a way of life, not an alternative. Straight, plain talk based on facts, is easily understood.

Stephen Towe & Co. Inc. Business Plan:

  1. Trust is the single most important factor in personal and professional relationships
  2. How you do your work is a portrait of yourself
  3. Always treat everyone with respect, and demand respect in return
  4. The world doesn’t always play fair
  5. If you don’t focus on the money, but rather on doing a good job, the money will come
  6. Work can be enjoyed as much as leisure, when you love what you do
  7. There is no elevator to success, everyone has to take the stairs
  8. Going the extra mile puts you ahead of your competition
  9. Celebrate your strengths, but fortify your weaknesses
  10. Choose a business partner that celebrates your values, principles, and dreams… but who also enjoys the things that you do not enjoy doing
  11. Find your own successful balance, not someone elses
  12. Do what you say you are going to do, when you said you would do it, for the price you said you would do it for.

When Experience Matters