Three Myths

The Three Myths of Selling Property

    1. “It’s easy – why employ a broker?”

TRUTH – It is almost never easy. issues of zoning, government regulations concerning wetlands, flood plains (or watersheds), availability of utilities, topography, suitable uses, access, environmental issues, and seller/buyer needs present unique and challenging difficulties.

As an experienced REALTORĀ® in land transactions, we work through these potential “land-mines” fairly and professionally to assure full disclosure and a smooth sales transaction.

    1. “Put a high price on it and someone with a lot of money will buy it.”

TRUTH– The best way not to sell property is to overprice it. When you list at fair market value, sales happen. I have seen properties that were overpriced languish on the market for years, and never sell. We get a professional independent appraisal before we list, to be sure we list at a fair market value.

  • “Any real estate agent can successfully list and sell land.”


TRUTH – Selling acreage and farms (or developing property) requires separate and distinct skills from those available to the typical residential agent.

We know how to show property, whether by Land Rover or a Honda “Four-Wheeler”, by plane, by foot, or by water – it’s our speciality. When you’re knowledgeable, showing property is enjoyable!

We take the mysteries and confusion out of a land transaction. Whether building roads, choosing homesites, providing a development plan, opening up views, encouraging wildlife, or building lakes – we have the experience that overcomes the hesitation to purchase.

Steve Towe, Broker
Land & Development Specialist