Things I’ve Learned


There is often a long and winding path up every large mountain, and the going can be difficult. When you’ve been climbing for a long time, it get’s easier…especially if you pay attention and learn from your mistakes. We all make mistakes in life, not one of us is perfect. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge our mistakes, and make them over again, but not if we’re open to learning and change. That is why LISTENING is so important. I recently read the following a about listening:

“Listening is a matter of hearing a communication,detached from the filters of our beliefs, judgements, and assessments. When actively practiced, listening enables us to hear and validate someone else, without his or her communication being filtered by our own internal dialogue or agenda. This results in deeper comprehension between the listener and the speaker. It is through this deeper comprehension that formerly unheard possibilities–and thus, opportunities unfold!”

Amen. When choosing a Realtor, or anyone to serve your needs–always make sure they listen. The ability to listen and hear clearly are the best indicators of someone who will take your needs seriously, work diligently for you, and serve you with a servants heart.